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Page 32 PRODUCT CATALOGUE The Super-Smart Energy Monitor turn to page 26 SOLAR PV 4 ENERGY MONITORS METERS 26 ELECTRIC VEHICLES SMART HOME ENERGY EFFICIENCY 22 28 30 SOLAR MODULES 4 INVERTERS 9 MICRO-INVERTERS 14 POWER OPTIMISERS 16 SOLAR OPTIMISATION 18 INSTALLATION MOUNTING FIXING 20 2016 MORE NEWPRODUCTS IRELANDS RENEWABLE ENERGY DISTRIBUTOR REXEL ENERGY SOLUTIONS We make solar simple and energy smart. enphase.comen-ukPowering Whats Next We are the worlds leading solar microinverter systems company. - 20 years Enphase warranty on microinverters - More than 9 million units shipped worldwide - Over 2 Terawatt hours of clean energy produced - More than 134 multi-country patents filed or in process - Over 340000 networked solar installations - FREE Enphase product training Come learn what the Enphase solution can do for your business Available to buy via Rexel Kellihers 3 Its an exciting year for Solar Electricity in Ireland Rexel Energy Solutions is now firmly established as Irelands leading Solar Photovoltaic PV distributor. We hold Solar PV stock throughout our twenty branches and each has staff ready to deal with your enquiries. Solar PV demonstration systems are in place at our Kellihers Electrical branches in Tramore Road Cork and Ballymount Dublin. The Van der Valk canopy system pictured allows the full installation to be viewed from the ground. Call to the relevant trade counter if you would like to view either of these installations. At the time of writing we still await details on the proposed feed-in-tariff for Solar PV referred to in the December 2015 government White Paper. In the absence of government support maximising the value of Solar PV relies on self-consumption i.e. using as much as possible of the solar electricity on site and not exporting it to the grid. Battery storage is coming This is where battery storage comes in. 2016 is going to be a big year for battery storage systems and a number of our current suppliers will be launching new products throughout the year. The Enphase AC Battery system is eagerly awaited as it can be retrofitted easily and is compatible with other manufacturers systems. We will be holding training events throughout 2016 so send us your details to keep up to date. Damien Phillips Manager Rexel Energy Solutions Contact us today Damien 00353 0 1-429 7237 Rexel are the parent company of Kellihers Electrical Irelands largest electrical wholesaler also including CT Electric and Fitzpatricks Electrical branches as well as Astrotek Technical Lighting. Welcome to your new 2016 catalogue THE LATEST CATALOGUE FOR THE RENEWABLE ENERGY PROFESSIONAL Join our Installer Partner Network Enjoy the benefits Latest industry news Product training Offers Leads for installation work To find out more about our Installer Partner Network Email us Mono Polycrystalline or Hybrid Monocrystalline modules made from cells containing a single crystal of silicon tend to be more efficient than polycrystalline types. They deliver more energy in low light. Polycrystalline modules on the other hand contain cells made from many crystals which gives them their shattered glass look. Easier to make and slightly less efficient they cost less to buy. Hybrid cells Hybrid types combine monocrystalline cells with another cell type thin film to give the best overall performance in varied light levels. Hybrid modules are more expensive than crystalline. Guide to the perfect installation The energy generated by a solar module is dependent on installation angle. Here we show typical outputs for different angles expressed as a percentage. Solar Modules 4 SOLAR PV SOLAR MODULES Introduction to Solar Modules Each installation will generate differing amounts of kWh over a year. You can see the best roof example from the table above. Orientation compass bearing measured from north West SW South SE East 270 255 240 225 210 195 180 165 150 135 120 105 90 0 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 10 89 91 92 94 95 95 96 95 95 94 93 91 90 20 87 90 93 96 97 98 98 98 97 96 94 91 88 30 86 89 93 96 98 99 100 100 98 96 94 90 86 40 82 86 90 95 97 99 100 99 98 96 92 88 84 50 78 84 88 92 95 96 97 97 96 93 89 85 80 60 74 79 84 87 90 91 93 93 92 89 86 81 76 70 69 74 78 82 85 86 87 87 86 84 80 76 70 80 63 68 72 75 77 79 80 80 79 77 74 69 65 90 56 60 64 67 69 71 71 71 71 69 65 62 58 Anglefromhorizontal Horizontal Vertical Sunsolar High quality product Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality components. New to our range is this 255w mono black panel with a market leading 25 year product warranty. 25 year product warranty 25 year performance warranty European components Product code Description Part number 700SSM255W 255W Mono Black Frame SSMONO255AB EUROPE Trina Solar High efficiency Honey Developed with advances in multicrystalline cell technology Trina Solars new Honey cells deliver higher efficiencies and world-record-setting power output. Meeting all of your PV needs they come with Trina Solars standard warranties. 60 cell construction MC4 connectivity Product code Description Part number 7001300 270W Triple Black Mono Black Frame TSM-270-DC05A.05 CHINA Excellent weak light performance Winaico are positioned amongst the top brand manufacturers with a high- quality product from an automated production line. Series WST is the ideal module for commercial and large-scale projects. Features silver 35mm single-walled frame Incorporates only top quality branded components 99 relative efficiency at weak light Tested 3 times above IEC standards Product code Description Part number 7001000 260W Poly Silver Frame WST-260P6 Winaico TAIWAN Go online for our complete range of Solar Modules NEW 5 SOLAR PVSOLAR MODULES Solar Modules Up to 315W maximum power Excellent craftsmanship and good costperformance ratio come as standard in the 285W black Mono X solar module. The 300 315W panels with NeON technology exploit light hitting both front and rear of the cell. This is especially significant during the morning and afternoon hours when light has a lower angle of incidence. Improved NeON 2 comes with an enhanced output efficiency LG KOREA Product code Description Part number 2500706915 MonoX - 285W Black Frame LG285S1C-B3 2500796997 NeON 2 - 300W Black Frame LG300N1K-G4 2500796998 NeON 2 - 315W Black Frame LG315N1C-G4 NEW NeON 2 EUROPESolarWorld Consistency guaranteed Solarworld guarantees less than 2 power tolerance between modules or -0 to 5wp. This means module- to-module consistency is assured. Tested by standards organisation TUV Rheinland in Germany Maximum output degression of 0.7 p.a. Provides long term system stability Choose from mono or polycrystalline Product code Description Part number 2500591579 Sunmodule 260W Poly Silver Frame SW260 POLY SLVR 2500845540 Sunmodule 280W Mono Black 33mm Frame SW280 MONO BLK EUROPE 6 SOLAR PV SOLAR MODULES Solar Modules System damage With the WINAICO insurance package my pv system is secure no matter what. At WINAICO you buy more than just modules you buy our experience as a quality manufacturer. WINAICO is a trademark of Win Win Precision Technology Co. Ltd. WINAICO UK Ltd. Bloxham Mill Business Centre Barford Road Bloxham Banbury OX15 4FF Phone 44 0 1295 722833 Inverters Often thought to be the brains of a solar installation solar inverters play a critical role whatever the system size. Essentially they convert DC produced by the modules into AC suitable for both powering home appliances and for feeding into the grid. Grid-tied inverters are designed to quickly disconnect from the grid in the event of a power cut in order safeguard any personnel working on the system. Today inverters often carry out additional functions such as system monitoring - to ensure modules are working at their peak. A grid connected residential system 9 SOLAR PVINVERTERS Introduction to Inverters 10 Huawei SUN 2000 Huawei Smart Logger New range high efficiency Brand new to our range comes SUN 2000 the 3-phase inverter range from Chinese giant Huawei. With a maximum efficiency of 98.6 and low noise of only 29dB using natural cooling the range is designed for solar installations from 8kW to megawatts rooftop or ground mount. Depending on model the SUN 2000 series supports 2 or 3 MPPTs for various module types and alignments. Large scale winner Weighing in at just 49kg model 33KTL is the efficient choice for large scale commercial and ground-level plants. Also with high efficiency of 98.6 and no external fan requirement it is the flexible 3-phase solution. Centralised control The Smart Logger works with up to 80 inverters at a range of up to 1000m. Using MODBUS-TCP the unit communicates with NetEco Huaweis management system providing centralised management across the plant. Mounts easily on wall table or rail. Product code Description Part number 2500706307 Huawei 8kW 3Ph - with 10 year warranty SUN2000-8KTL 2500706308 Huawei 12kW 3Ph - with 10 year warranty SUN2000-12KTL 2500706309 Huawei 17kW 3Ph - with 10 year warranty SUN2000-17KTL 2500706310 Huawei 20kW 3Ph - with 10 year warranty SUN2000-20KTL 2500706311 Huawei 23kW 3Ph - with 10 year warranty SUN2000-23KTL 2500796996 Huawei 33kW 3Ph - with 10 year warranty SUN2000-33KTL Product code Description Part number 2500706312 Huawei Smart Logger - up to 80 inverters H-SL 8-23 kW 33 kW SOLAR PV INVERTERS Huawei 11 Quality and reliability built in Already enjoying a strong presence in the UK Trannergy emphasise quality and reliability for their solar inverters. All key components are from brand name suppliers. A maximum efficiency of 97.8 and high efficiency across a wide operation range all are IP65 protected for outdoor mounting. Product code Description Part number 7002006 Trannergy 1.0kW 1Ph inverter with 1 x MPPT PVI1300TL 7002007 Trannergy 1.5kW 1Ph inverter with 1 x MPPT PVI1800TL 7002008 Trannergy 2.0kW 1Ph inverter with 1 x MPPT PVI2300TL 7002010 Trannergy 3.0kW 1Ph inverter with 1 x MPPT PVI3000TL 7002012 Trannergy 4.0kW 1Ph inverter with 2 x MPPT PVI4000TL 7002014 Trannergy 5kW 1Ph inverter with 2 x MPPT PVI5400TL Trannergy Transformerless PVI Series Quality and reliability built in Strong UK presence - 1 in 4 newly installed PV inverters in UK is Trannergy Higher reliability the No.1 choice for Free solar and Social housing projects Long life circle designed 10 year warranty minimum A maximum efficiency of 97.8 and IP65 protection The number one choice Promoting sustainable energy solutions The single phase PVI14000TL SOLAR PVINVERTERS Trannergy C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 12 ABBs new look inverter High speed MPPT offers real-time power tracking and improved energy harvesting in the Aurora UNO. Featuring an an efficiency of 96.3 the wide input voltage range makes the inverter suitable to low power installations with reduced string size. Also features an outdoor enclosure and RS-485 communication interface. New for medium and large systems Compact wall-mountable inverter designed for medium and large decentralised PV systems on large-scale commercial and industrial rooftops or ground-mounted PV plants. With a maximum DC input voltage of up to 1100V this high power 33kW all-in-one unit benefits from one MPPT and IP65 rating for outdoor installation. ABB Aurora Uno ABB PRO-33 Product code Description Part number 2500571997 ABB Aurora UNO 2.0KW 1Ph UNO-2.0-I-OUTD 2500571998 ABB Aurora UNO 2.5KW 1Ph UNO-2.5-I-OUTD Product code Description Part number 2500798749 ABB PRO33 33kW 3Ph PRO33-TL-OUTD-SX-400 ABB Aurora PVI Residential and small commercial Designed for residential and small commercial PV installations these inverters are fitted with dual input independent MPPT inputs and a high speed and precise MPPT algorithm for real-time power tracking and energy harvesting. Product code Description Part number 2500535303 ABB Aurora PVI 3.0kW 1Ph PVI-3.0-OUTD 2500526374 ABB Aurora PVI 3.6kW 1Ph PVI-3.6-OUTD 2500557033 ABB Aurora PVI 5kW 1Ph PVI-5000-OUTD 2500557034 ABB Aurora PVI 6kW 1Ph PVI-6000-OUTD 2500535292 ABB Aurora PVI 12.5kW 3Ph PVI-12.5-OUTD-FS ABB Aurora Trio New look new generation Three new generation inverters for domestic installations and two high efficiency units for larger installations. Product code Description Part number 2500624707 ABB Aurora TRIO 5.8kW 3Ph IP65 TRIO-5.8-TL-OUTD 2500624708 ABB Aurora TRIO 7.5kW 3Ph IP65 TRIO-7.5-TL-OUTD 2500624709 ABB Aurora TRIO 8.5kW 3Ph IP65 TRIO-8.5-TL-OUTD 2500535293 ABB Aurora TRIO 20kW 3Ph TRIO-20.0-TL-OUTD-S2X 2500535294 ABB Aurora TRIO 27.6kW 3Ph TRIO-27.6-TL-OUTD-S2X NEW SOLAR PV INVERTERS ABB Please visit for more information about our full range of solar mounting systems for Greenhouses WaterfeaturesOpen fields Pitched roofs Flat roofs ValkPitched - TrapezoidalValkPitched - Clamp Portrait and landscape configuration Universal mid- and end-panel clamps H 28-50 mm Short profile lengths Watertight fixing with special thin sheet screws or rivets Pre-punched holes in profiles for quick and easy assembly Unique to this system Minimal ballast and roof load Fast simple installation Ballast provided optional For domestic and commercial projects Available in east west configuration Metal connectors no plastic Unique to this system Trapezoidal RoofsPitched Roofs Flat Roofs ValkPro Unique to this system Universal mid- and end-panel clamps H 28-50 mm Roof hooks for standard tile plain tile and slate roofs Practical and safe side-mounting Portrait and landscape configuration One profile for all types of roof Van der Valk Solar Systems BV Zwartendijk 73 2681 LP Monster The Netherlands T 31 0174 - 21 22 23 F 31 0174 - 24 27 27 Valk Solar Systems UK Limited Innovation House Discovery Park Innovation Way Sandwich CT13 9FF United Kingdom T 44 01304 897658 Van der Valk Solar Systems is fully focused on developing and producing solar mounting systems. We offer our business relations a comprehensive product range of European quality compliant with applicable worldwide standards large UK stock professional and helpful service free project calculation tool ValkPVplanner Van der Valk Solar Systems draws on 50 years of experience as a system supplier and offers you ongoing cooperation. Van der Valk Solar Systems Innovative Solar PV Mounting Systems NEW 14 Micro-Inverters Micro-inverters simplify array design and installation since a single micro-inverter is used for each module typically mounted with or alongside the module. Effectively this gives each module an AC output. The outputs of all micro inverters are then connected in parallel. No larger central string inverter is needed. More flexibility Although they can make your installation more costly micro-inverters give you more flexibility as they enable each solar module to perform to its maximum potential. Reduced output from one module due to shade for instance will not reduce the entire system output as typically found in a string set up. How they work Installed beneath each solar panel Enphase Microinverters maximise energy production and convert DC power into low-voltage AC electricity. They offer greater design flexibility to fit on different roof planes and multiple buildings. The Envoy acts as a messenger between your microinverters and Enlighten software collecting energy production data over your homes electrical wiring and sending the data through your Internet router to Enphases data centers. Solar professionals use Enlighten Software to remotely monitor manage and troubleshoot your system 24 hours a day from any PC tablet or smartphone. You can use MyEnlighten a user-friendly version of the software to keep track of energy production. SOLAR PV MICRO-INVERTERS Introduction to Micro-Inverters 15 Enphase Micro-Inverter Get maximum array output More resilient to dust debris and module shading micro-inverters extract more power from a given array. Based on Enphases 4th generation technology these new models incorporate the latest innovations in power electronics and custom microchips to deliver 96 CEC efficiency and a range of performance features. Plug and play installation M250 is optimised for higher powered modules to 300W Enphase 215W micro-inverter Enphase 250W micro-inverter Enphase Envoy Product code 7002100 7002101 7002102 Part number M215-60-230-S22-E M250-60-230-S22 ENV-230-UK-M Max. input voltage 48V 48V - Peak power tracking voltage 27 - 39V 27 - 39V - Operating range 16 - 48V 16 - 48V - Rated output power 215W 250W - Max. number of micro-nverters - - Monitors up to 600 Enphase Micro-inverters Dimensions WxHxD 179 x 217 x 28mm 179 x 217 x 28mm 222 x 112 x 43mm IP rating IP67 IP67 - Weight 1.66kg 1.66kg 0.34 kg Enphase Envoy Envoy is the networking hub connecting every module and Enphase micro-inverter to the Internet. System performance is monitored via Enlighten web based software. SOLAR PVMICRO-INVERTERS Micro-Inverters 16 SolarEdge P-series Module Optimisers Peak performance Achieve up to 25 increase in power output and a superior efficiency of 99.5. These optimisers offer peak performance in both mismatched and unshaded conditions. Plug an optimiser to each module and youll enjoy maximum power point tracking for each module. Product code Output Power W Part number 2500629243 300W P300-2R-M4M-RS 2500629246 500W P500-2R-M4M-RM 2500629244 350W Portrait P350-2R-M4M-RS 2500629245 350W Landscape P350-2R-M4M-RM 2500629247 600W Portrait Commerical P600-2R-M4M-RM 2500629248 600W Landscape Commerical P600-2R-M4M-RL 2500629255 700W Portrait Commerical P700-2R-M4M-RX 2500629254 700W Landscape Commerical P700-2R-M4M-RM SOLAR PV POWER OPTIMISERS Introduction to Power Optimisers Power Optimisers When fluctuating levels of shade or panel direction differences reduce the output of a PV installation power optimisation technology can help. Power optimisers can increase energy output per module by using maximum power point tracking MPPT. Smart modules such as Trina Solars new Trinasmart give you panel level optimisation built- in to the junction box. This gives complete control and monitoring at panel level no external optimisation electronics and faster installation time. Maximum power point tracking MPPT uses digital electronics to extract maximum available power from a PV module at any given point in time. Module output will vary throughout the day with ambient module temperature and sunlight intensity as well as with other factors such as the module load. Power point tracking will ensure maximum current is delivered at the voltage that is required by the load. It is especially effective in low light conditions. 17 SolarEdge Single Phase SolarEdge Three Phase Excellent performance easy installation The three phase range for commercial installations covers the 5 to 27.6kW spectrum and offers the installer excellent performance at a competitive price. Ethernet or wireless connectivity Module level monitoring High efficiency of 98 Easy wall bracket installation Sophisticated control technology SolarEdge single phase units are small and lightweight and offer easy installation for the smaller PV array. They combine sophisticated digital control technology and a one stage ultra-efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior all-round performance Built-in module-level monitoring Superior efficiency of 97.6 Small lightweight and easy to install IP65 rated for outdoor and indoor use Product code Description Part number 2500595391 SolarEdge 1Ph 2.2kW SE2200-ER-01 2500595392 SolarEdge 1Ph 3kW SE3000-ER-01 2500595393 SolarEdge 1Ph 3.5kW SE3500-ER-01 2500595394 SolarEdge 1Ph 3.68kW SE4000-ER-01-16A 2500595396 SolarEdge 1Ph 5kW SE5000-ER-01 2500595410 SolarEdge 1Ph 6kW SE6000-ER-01 Product code Description Part number 2500595411 SolarEdge 3Ph 5kW SE5K-ER-01 2500595412 SolarEdge 3Ph 7kW SE7K-ER-01 2500595413 SolarEdge 3Ph 8kW SE8K-ER-01 2500595414 SolarEdge 3Ph 9kW SE9K-ER-01 2500595415 SolarEdge 3Ph 10kW SE10K-ER-01 2500595404 SolarEdge 3Ph 12.5kW SE12.5K-ER-01 2500595405 SolarEdge 3Ph 15kW SE15K-ER-01 2500595406 SolarEdge 3Ph 16kW SE16K-ER-01 2500595407 SolarEdge 3Ph 17kW SE17K-ER-01 2500798756 SolarEdge 3Ph 25kW SE25K-P2 2500798758 SolarEdge 3Ph 27.6kW SE27.6K-P2 SolarEdge P-series Module Optimisers for use with these inverters are available See page 16 for more information SOLAR PVPOWER OPTIMISERS Power Optimisers Solar Optimisation With our choice of solar optimisation units you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Not only do you have free energy from the PV installation but when daytime power requirement is low excess power can be used to heat your water. Power diverted automatically Using a new or existing immersion heater and cylinder power from the array is diverted automatically. The units are easy to install and many offer wireless and monitoring capabilities. How they work The benefits of adding a Solar Optimiser Without a Solar Optimiser Energy is exported wasted when a PV system is installed without a Solar Optimiser With a Solar Optimiser The Solar Optimiser tracks the generated energy ensuring that nearly ALL energy available is used PV Generation Usage Unused Exported Energy Energy Energy Hour of day Hour of day Powerdiverter Easy to install Powerdiverter is designed to divert excess power from a solar PV installation to the immersion heater to provide free hot water. Its custom made wireless technology makes it easy to install in around 20 minutes. It does not affect feed-in tariff rates or payments and no plumbing is required. One button control No additional wiring or plumbing needed Wireless as standard Install in 5 minutes Product code Description Part number 7004003 Powerdiverter PD1A 18 SOLAR PV SOLAR OPTIMISATION Solar Optimisation Nicholas Porter Installer from Edenbridge England SMART IS not letting low light put a dampener on output. With Honey M Plus our extremely powerful monocrystalline PV module you always get maximum output. Honey M Plus really comes into its own in low light conditions so its ideal for both the UK and Irish climates With power density of up to 177 Wm it is the perfect module for rooftop arrays. Combining great aesthetics and performance Honey M Plus is the ob- vious choice for discerning installers. Now choosing Honey M Plus thats smart HONEY M PLUS. A smart solution for smart people. HONEY M PLUS 275-290 W HONEY M PLUS BLACK 265-275 W Easy and secure systems for all roof types Dutch company Van der Valk specialises in high quality mounting systems for a range of different roof types. Van der Valk Mounting System Pitched roof system Unique clamp system and strong design make the Clamp system ideal for all pitched roof types of tiled corrugated steel or other construction. Valkpro system Faster than ever mounting and with metal connectors throughout Valkpro handles high wind loads and is an installers favourite. Flat roof system Get fast assembly using pre- mounted A-frames plus the ability to mount panels at any tilt angle means this system is designed to achieve maximum solar energy yield. NEW ValkBox solar mounting package Ready to use ValkBox is a ready-to-use solar mounting package for pitched and flat roofs. All mounting materials for one solar panel in a single box Quick and easy to install Developed to the Eurocode standards Innovative high-quality and durable Installation Mounting Fixing 20 SOLAR PV INSTALLATION MOUNTING FIXING Installation Mounting Fixing Advert MiHometake control of your home using your smartphone tablet or PC Chrome Nickel White Brushed steel Chrome Nickel White MiHome Sockets Brushed steel MiHome Lights White MiHome Relay MiHome Heating EV Charging The EV revolution is coming In a draft EU proposal the Government has been tasked to install at least 70000 electric vehicle charging points across the UK by 2020. Most of these will be installed by private companies. Rolec HomeCharge CommercialCharge Complete home solution A simple mode 3 unit compatible with all electric vehicles. Type 1 or 2 charging station with mode 3 communications Tethered lead Type 1 or 2 or socket Type 2 Protective RCBO behind IP65 access window Product code Description Part number 2500511332 HomeCharge 16A 1Ph - Type 1 J1772 Tethered lead EVWP1080 2500511338 HomeCharge 32A 1Ph - Type 1 J1772 Tethered lead EVWP1140 2500511347 HomeCharge 16A 1Ph - Type 2 IEC62196 Tethered lead EVWP2080 2500511353 HomeCharge 32A 1Ph - Type 2 IEC62196 Tethered lead EVWP2140 2500526427 CommercialCharge 16A 1Ph Type 2 Socket EVWP2016 2500526428 CommercialCharge 32A 1Ph Type 2 Socket EVWP2026 MODE 3 SINGLE OUTLET WALL MOUNT Rolec CommercialCharge Product code Description Part number 2500526427 CommercialCharge 16A 1Ph EVWP2016 2500526428 CommercialCharge 32A 1Ph EVWP2026 2500698126 CommercialCharge 16A 3Ph EVWP2036 2500698127 CommercialCharge 32A 3Ph EVWP2046 Low cost for the workplace A low cost full Mode 3 charger ideal for the workplace or other commercial locations. Keyswitch can be added as an optional extra or built on order RCBO accessible via IP65 rated access door MODE 3COMMERCIAL DOMESTIC WALL MOUNT SINGLE OUTLET 22 ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV CHARGING Introduction to Electric Vehicle Charging Rolec SecuriCharge Secure and lockable These heavy duty and vandal resistant models are the answer to EV charger installation in public and exposed locations. Available in keyswitch PAYG or tokencoin operation. Charge time indicating display PAYG only Single and 3-phase versions available Product code Description Part number 2500633292 SecuriCharge 16A 1Ph 1x outlet - Free to use EVSC0010 2500633293 SecuriCharge 32A 1Ph 1x outlet - Free to use EVSC0020 2500633282 SecuriCharge 16A 3Ph 1x outlet - Free to use EVSC0030 2500633283 SecuriCharge 32A 3Ph 1x outlet - Free to use EVSC0040 2500633284 SecuriCharge 16A 1Ph 2x outlet - Free to use EVSC0050 2500633285 SecuriCharge 32A 1Ph 2x outlet - Free to use EVSC0060 2500638441 SecuriCharge 16A 1Ph 1x outlet - Tokencoin EVSC0070 2500638442 SecuriCharge 32A 1Ph 1x outlet - Tokencoin EVSC0080 2500698144 SecuriCharge 16A 3Ph 1x outlet - Tokencoin EVSC0090 2500698145 SecuriCharge 32A 3Ph 1x outlet - Tokencoin EVSC0100 MODE 3 DUAL OUTLET WALL MOUNT SINGLE OUTLET Hardwearing and durable Corrosion and vandal resistant steel construction. Hinged and lockable whilst in use access door. Variants available Single Mode 3 charging socket ONLY or with 13A maintenance socket 16 or 32A versions available Rolec StreetServ Product code Description Part number 2500511212 StreetServ 16A 1Ph - Type 2 13A sockets EVSS0010 2500511213 StreetServ 32A 1Ph - Type 2 13A sockets EVSS0020 2500511366 Mounting Base GMSS0010 GROUND MOUNT MODE 3 SINGLE OUTLETCOMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL 23 ELECTRIC VEHICLESEV CHARGING Electric Vehicle Charging Rolec AutoCharge ground mounted Product code Description Part number 2500627009 AutoCharge Ground Free to Use 16A 1x outlet EVPG0010 2500627010 AutoCharge Ground Free to Use 32A 1x outlet EVPG0011 2500698066 AutoCharge Ground Free to Use 16A 3Ph 1x outlet EVPG0012 2500698067 AutoCharge Ground Free to Use 32A 3Ph 1x outlet EVPG0013 2500627011 AutoCharge Ground Free to Use 16A 2x outlet EVPG0020 2500627012 AutoCharge Ground Free to Use 32A 2x outlet EVPG0021 2500698150 AutoCharge Ground Free to Use 16A 3Ph 2x outlet EVPG0022 2500698151 AutoCharge Ground Free to Use 32A 3Ph 2x outlet EVPG0023 2500698146 AutoCharge Ground TokenCoin 16A 1x outlet EVTM0010 2500698147 AutoCharge Ground TokenCoin 32A 1x outlet EVTM0011 2500698148 AutoCharge Ground TokenCoin 16A 3Ph 1x outlet EVTM0012 2500698149 AutoCharge Ground TokenCoin 32A 3Ph 1x outlet EVTM0013 2500698138 AutoCharge Ground TokenCoin 16A 2x outlet EVTM0020 2500698139 AutoCharge Ground TokenCoin 32A 2x outlet EVTM0021 2500698140 AutoCharge Ground TokenCoin 16A 3Ph 2x outlet EVTM0022 2500698141 AutoCharge Ground TokenCoin 32A 3Ph 2x outlet EVTM0023 Heavy duty future proof A particularly heavy duty high usage model specifically designed for installation in public locations. Its significant versatility is the ability to be upgraded from free to use to tokencoin operation. TokenCoin upgrade kit available separately if required GROUND MOUNT MODE 3 SINGLE OUTLET DUAL OUTLET Tough off-street charger Tried and tested classic utility pedestal with over 50000 in use worldwide. Recommended for installation in moderately secure locations private car parks hotels hospitals etc. Supplied as free to use but keyswitch can be added All come with hatchlock functionality Rolec BasicCharge Product code Description Part number 2500626996 BasicCharge 16A 1Ph 1x outlet EVCL2005 2500626997 BasicCharge 32A 1Ph 1x outlet EVCL2006 2500698062 BasicCharge 16A 3Ph 1x outlet EVCL2007 2500698063 BasicCharge 32A 3Ph 1x outlet EVCL2008 2500626998 BasicCharge 16A 1Ph 2x outlet EVCL2015 2500626999 BasicCharge 32A 1Ph 2x outlet EVCL2016 2500698064 BasicCharge 16A 3Ph 2x outlet EVCL2017 2500698065 BasicCharge 32A 3Ph 2x outlet EVCL2018 2500627006 Base plate GMCP0010 GROUND MOUNT MODE 3 SINGLE OUTLET DUAL OUTLETCOMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL 24 ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV CHARGING Electric Vehicle Charging Steel Mounting Post Portable Charging Tester Charger Parking Signage Mounting Posts Protection Barriers Product code Description Part number 2500580418 Rolec ChargeCheck portable tester EVTU0018 Product code Description Part number 2500633253 WallPod Steel Root Mounting Post EVFP0010 2500633254 WallPod Box Section Surface Mounting Post EVFP0020 2500633255 WallPod EV Hardwood Mounting Post EVFP0030 2500633256 WallPod EV Mounting Plate EVFP0040 2500633257 WallPod EV Mounting Plinth EVFP0050 Product code Description Part number 2500633252 Rolec A3 EV Parking Sign EVPS0030 2500633262 Rolec A4 EV Parking Sign EVPS0010 2500633263 Rolec A5 EV Parking Sign EVPS0020 Product code Description Part number 2500633259 Root Mount Protection Barrier EVCB0020 2500633261 Ground Mount Protection Barrier EVCB0040 A selection of low cost mounting posts in galvanised steel and hardwood all designed for the Rolec WallPod range of products. Make EV charging points safer by the installation of these barriers. Made of steel and designed to be root or ground plate mounted for strength and stability. EV charging station signage thats very clear and informative. Available in three sizes to suit varying locations and environments. Durable corrosion-resistant aluminium Ensures a professional comprehensive and efficient test of charger performance and safety parameters. Tests Types 1 and 2 tethered leads and Type 2 sockets Tests IEC61851-1 Mode 3 compliance Enables RCDRCBO and earth loop testing Supplied with 1m Type 1 to Type 2 adaptor lead carry bag 25 ELECTRIC VEHICLESEV CHARGING Accessories Smappee Home Energy Monitor Real time monitoring and control made easy Connect the Smappee current clamp to your customers fuse box and they can monitor and track energy use through wifi and smartphone. Smappee is a real-time energy monitoring and control system that will turn a house into a smarter more energy efficient home. It identifies all the key electrical devices in the house and displays energy readings and costs via the free smartphone app. Add Comfort Plugs around the house connect them to the monitoring unit and gain the ability to control electrical devices remotely from anywhere in the world. and solar too If you or your customers have solar panels Smappee can also measure the electricity produced. It distinguishes between your consumption and the yield from the solar panels. Use the app to compare the various data. See for yourself the benefits solar generation is bringing what it is doing for you and the planet. Solar panels If your customer has Solar Panels you need to select the proper Smappee version in order to guarantee correct measurements. Smappee T the regular version which supports up to 3 inputs single-phase without Solar single-phase with Solar 3-phase without Solar Smappee S the enhanced version which supports up to 6 inputs 3-phase with Solar 26 ENERGY MONITORS METERS ENERGY MONITORS Energy Monitors Smappee Home Energy Monitor Smappee Comfort Plug Product code Description Part number 7002059 Smappe T Energy Monitor 1Ph Solar Pack T-1PH 7002060 Smappe S Energy Monitor 3Ph Solar Pack S-3PH Product code Description Part number 7002061 Smappee Energy Monitor Comfort Plug 3 Pack COMFORT PLUG 3PK Smappee gives you Clear insights into your energy consumption No subscription fee this is a one-time purchase Free Smappee app from the App Store and Google Play and automatic free updates From 10 to 30 savings on your electricity cost without losing comfort You contribute to a better environment One free Comfort Plug included If you plan to install solar panels at a later stage order a Smappee Solar Pack. The Comfort Plug allows appliances to be turned on or off remotely. This consists of a wireless adapter which fits between the device and the power point. The Smappee Home Energy Monitor comes with one plug included and additional Comfort Plugs can be purchased seperately. 3-pack includes 1 remote control 6-pack includes 2. Plug type compatible with outlets in UK Ireland. NEW NEW 27 ENERGY MONITORS METERSENERGY MONITORS Energy Monitors Measuring and monitoring energy usage is fast becoming an obligatory process for many households and businesses as conventional energy costs rise. Similarly when tted with solar PV for renewable energy generation monitoring of where your energy is going is important in order to utilise your free energy effectively. 28 SMART HOME SMART HOME SYSTEMS Google Nest Nest Protect Smoke and CO alarm that thinks speaks and alerts your phone. Nest Learning Thermostat New 3rd generation model. Learns and manages your energy use Controlled from your phone Gives a monthly energy report Knows when youre away Streams video in super-clear HD 130 wide-angle camera Includes advanced night vision Zoom in for a closer look Detects all types of re Heads-up early warning function Voice alarm if smoke or CO present Self test feature Nest Cam See your home on your phone or tablet. Product code Description Part number 7004040 2nd Gen SmokeCarbon Monoxide Alarm Wired S3003LWGB Product code Description Part number 7004093 Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation T3010GB 7004094 Learning Thermostat Stand AT2100ED Product code Description Part number 7004041 NEST Indoor Camera NC1102GB NEW 29 SMART HOMESMART HOME SYSTEMS Google Nest Voltage Optimisation Electrical equipment manufacturers produce products which can be used all over the world. Products for Europe are designed to work across the European harmonised voltage range and current CE regulations 207 Volts to 253 Volts. Voltage optimisation is a well-established and proven technology especially in the UK. Here electricity is supplied at an average of 242 volts which is high compared to many other countries. Crucially however much of our electrical equipment operates most efficiently at around 220 volts. When voltage exceeds this level energy is wasted in both heat and vibration which costs money and significantly reduces the life span of electrical appliances. Install a voltage optimiser and lamps will not need changing as often. Savings made will be in both daily usage and ongoing maintenance. Rexel Energy Solutions stock a range of Eco-Max voltage optimisers shown opposite. How much will I save with Eco-Max High energy saving with these types of equipment Typically 20-50 Modest energy saving with these types of equipment Typically 10-15 Little or no energy saving with these types of equipment Typically 0-5 Switch start flourescent lighting with magnetic ballast Discharge lighting with SON metal halide or mercury lamps and magnetic ballast Lighting with compact flourescent lamps and magnetic ballast Tungsten halogen lighting Fixed speed motors that are not fully loaded i.e. air conditioning refridgeration pumps and fans Fixed speed heavily loaded motors Some older types of IT equipment VDUs and TVs Non-thermostatically controlled heating e.g. towel rails hand dryers hair dryers and certain types of electric heating High frequency HF lighting Some IT equipment Motors with VSDs Thermostatically controlled heating e.g. kettles ovens 30 ENERGY EFFICIENCY VOLTAGE OPTIMISATION Introduction to Voltage Optimisation GWE Eco-Max Domestic Commercial Reduce electricity the smart way Eco-Max uses voltage optimisation to reduce voltage to its most efficient level of around 220V. This minimises the energy wasted in heat and vibration significantly reducing your carbon footprint and energy consumption. Simple installation Installation is quick as the unit fits easily between electricity meter and consumer unit or distribution board. The unit is available as a single phase home unit Eco-Max Home and the three phase commercial unit Eco-Max Commercial. Eco-Max Commercial Advanced Eco-Max Commercial Advanced gives you added features including 3 savings settings. Product code Description Part number 2500602751 Eco-Max Home 63A EMH63 2500602752 Eco-Max Home 100A EMH100 Domestic Commercial Product code Description Part number 2500605591 Eco-Max Commercial 100A EMC100 2500605592 Eco-Max Commercial 200A EMC200 2500605593 Eco-Max Commercial 315A EMC315 2500605594 Eco-Max Commercial 400A EMC400 2500605595 Eco-Max Commercial 100A Adv EMC100i 2500605596 Eco-Max Commercial 200A Adv EMC200i 2500605599 Eco-Max Commercial 315A Adv EMC315i 2500605597 Eco-Max Commercial 400A Adv EMC400i Build your own PV Kit... ...with a little help from us 1 2 3 Design your bespoke kit including everything you need for portrait or landscape installation Panels Mounting Inverters Meters Safety isolation Delivery to you From 500W to 6kW single phase our kits help you comply with Building Regs Part L. Find our more 31 ENERGY EFFICIENCYVOLTAGE OPTIMISATION Voltage Optimisation THE SUPER SMART ENERGY MONITOR NOW AVAILABLE FROM REXEL SEE PAGE 26 FOR MORE INFORMATION Real time monitoring and control made easy Connect the Smappee current clamp to your customers fuse box and they can monitor and track energy use through wifi and smartphone. NEW AVAILABLE NOW FROM 164.46PLUS VAT TERMS CONDITIONS While Rexel Energy Solutions believes the information given in this publication to be accurate and reliable it accepts no liability in negligence or otherwise in respect of any inaccuracies or omissions in such information or any consequences whatsoever arising from or in connection with the use of such information. Full conditions available at www.kellihers.comaboutlegal